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Contrôleur pour semoir en ligne DIGITROLL INTEGRA

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INTEGRA : High Capacity and Versatile

Seed-flow/blockage monitoring for air drills, seed count and population display for planters, granular fertilizer flow control, hopper level control, shaft rotation guard, fan rpm, hectare counter, tramline regulation – all in one instrument! The robust, versatile device aimed for use all year round.

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Integra is capable to process and display the performance of 128 rows at a time on its large illuminated graphic screen. Integra was designed to best fit user’s demand with handy operation and easy survey of seeding process. Two i-LiNE ports enable monitoring of different application rates for seed and fertilizer rows. Easy operation is ensured by direct keys and control LEDs.

System Features

• Seed-flow/blockage monitoring of 3 products on pneumatic and some mechanic drills
• Seed count/Fertilizer/Insecticide flow rate/blockage monitoring on planters
• Full-featured seeding control program for planters up to 24 seed rows + 24 fertilizer/insecticide rows
• On-the-go calibration of expected seed density
• Manual or automatic speed tracking
• Tramline regulation (symmetric or asymmetric rhytms)
• Row closure motor/actuator end position control
• Hopper level display with low level alarm
• 2 rotation guards (one channel with numeric display, e.g. fan r.p.m.)
• Detection and display of blockages or dust accumulation on seed sensors

Seed-flow calibration has never been easier. Just one touch of a button and expected seed-flow with low rate alarm is on the right level. At any seed, at any speed. Slowly developing processes like lowering seed rates due to lowering seed level in hopper can also be observed, not only blockages.

Seed Blockage Sensors

DS4000i optomodules are made for seedflow monitoring on drills. Optomodules contain photosensors equipped with 4 infra lights and detect even the smallest seeds like oilrape seed. Seeds do not need to be filled up in the hose reaching seed sensors. Thanks to the easy and precise seed-flow calibration, blockages are detected immediately or soon.

• Seed flow/blockage detection (DS4000i)
• Linear connection of sensors up to 64 rows
• Available for air hoses with 25-35 mm diameter
• Particle detection with 4 infra (2 seconds blockage detection !)
• Quick sensor cleaning by opening sensor by hand without tool

Long Work Without Cleaning

Each Digitroll seed sensor is armored with DUST DETECTION & COMPENSATION (DDC) feature resulting long days and hours spent without sensor cleaning in the hassle of short seeding season. Increasingly stronger infra light is applied when infra surface becomes dusty or seed coating covered. Reaching a level, a ‘dusty seed sensor’ symbol appears on monitor screen following a push of the TEST button. This solution is a Patented Technology by Digitroll.

Fertilizer Blockage Sensors

DSGR 4000i blockage sensors detect solid fertilizer flow continuity on precision planters, air drills or mechanic drills. Each optomodule possess an intelligent processor unit run by microcontroller. Linear connection and interchangeability make installation easy done in short time.• Granular fertilizer flow/blockage detection (DSGR4000i) • Linear connection of sensors up to 128 rows • Calibration of expected fertilizer density • Available for air hoses with 25-35 mm diameter • Particle detection with 4 infras

A kit INTEGRA includes:

  • 1 Monitor with feeding cable
  • 1 Main cable going from monitor to the group of photo-cells
  • the number of photo-cels adapted to your drill
  • 1 speed sensor

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