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AspaView, the Decision Making Tool for your useful asparagus production all year round!


The first complete kit combining soil moisture and temperature measurements with a module dedicated to the production of asparagus for:

  • Irrigation management

- Monitoring of water penetration into the soil (AquaCheck probe, ...)

- Evolution of humidity in% and in mm

- Consumption by root horizon

- Volumes and frequency to bring

(- optional: NO3 and K evolution in the soil with Nutrisens probe)

  • Harvest forecast

- Yield indicator (yield evolution on Day + 1)

- Quality indicator

- Rik of burn

- Risks of flowering

- Cold Hours and Degrees Days, for reaching production


  • Fast installation of equipment in the field


  • Reliability and robustness of renowned brand equipments


  • Real-time data on PC and Mobile

- Columbus agronomic web platform

- Dedicated AspaView module in Columbus for harvest forecast

- Configurable alerts by SMS and / or Mail


  • CoRHIZE's experience of dedicated management tools


(Other optional sensors: temperature and relative humidity of the air, Nutrisens NO3-K probe, water meter on drip line, ...)

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