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CoRHIZE's Columbus platform


The Columbus web platform allows you to conveniently reach in the same space from any connected terminal (PC, tablet, smartphone) the data of all your agro-climatic sensors (weather stations, capacitive sensors AquaCheck, Nutrisens, ...).

Columbus has been particularly designed for Piloting irrigation and is today a reference in two areas:

  • flexibility and simplicity of handling
  • 3 levels of information: color status at a glance; the quantified level of the water reserve, detailed curves to fully understand the dynamics and consumption.
  • Easy interpretations for quick decisions.
  • Clear vision of evolution of the hydric state of the soil compared to the Optimal Reservoir.
  • Double display of soil moisture and consumption, in % and in mm , the only system offering this double possibility.

  • Two monitoring options: Weighted Average Humidity or Cumulative Humidity.
  • Display of the individual sensor curves every 10 cm in depth and of the weighted average / cumulative humidity on the active root profile.
  • Display of temperatures and conductivity (depending on the probes) every 10 cm deph and of all the other additional associated sensors (rain gauge, free temperature, ...).
  • Continuous adjustment of parameters according to the development of the crop and the soil condition
    Programmable alerts sms and / or email
  • 6 days weather forecast for the plot in 3-hour time steps (temperature, humidity, rainfall, wind speed (including gusts, ET0) and daily rainfall and ET0 sums
  • Personal and collaborative Notes area.
  • Immediate printing of formatted reports
  • Exports .xls
  • API for interoperability with external servers.
  • Secure individual access, poolable information (between farmers, agronomists, users community, ...).
  • Single interface for all agro-weather sensors on the farm.
  • Mobile app
  • Performs online data exports to feed disease or pest models (from weather stations) *


*Columbus can direct data to several model suppliers such as Arvalis (Mileos mildew potato), RimPRO (vineyard mildew and powdery mildew, apple scab and fire blight, codling moth, ...). Movida of Bayer (downy mildew), ... We can also adapt to export specifications on demand. CoRHIZE does not recommend or provide models and leaves customers free to choose its model suppliers with their technical advisers. We only strive to ensure that data available for these models are the most reliable as possible to get reliable information.