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CoRPUS Agro-Weather Station


LPWAN (New Low Power Wide Area Networks) communication networks open up new opportunities in agriculture.

With its long experience in connected stations/sensors by GPRS and by 3G, CoRHIZE offers since 2017 its own range of weather stations and sensors connected in low power, the fruit of a design combining a high degree of technical performance, a great ease of use in the field and economic accessibility hitherto unprecedented for this qualitative level.

to know at any time what is happening in remote field and no longer move for nothing! ... A modular configuration on demand, bringing up the most important information to know to go to work a remote fiel, to apply a phytosanitary product or spreding fertilizer (pluviometry, temperature, hygrometry and wind speed - RQ: the sensors can be combined or alone).

sensors and equipment of superior professional quality: precision sensors and a very robust design (example: an authentic convection box with large diameter for real ventilation of the temperature and relative humidity sensors, an anometer with very sensitive padle in carbon fibers, a precision rain gauge profiled in the wind in Styrosun, very reliable whatever the volume of rain, very resistant to UV and to a large amplitude of temperature, an outside spirit level to ensure the horizontality rain gauge and anemometer, etc ...), capacitive probes with AquaCheck profile or individual Meter-Decagon sensors for irrigation control , etc...

ultra easy and quick to install / move: set of sensors on the same plate and on a single aluminum mast, detachment of the moutning pole by two butterfly nuts. A robust, very compact and perfectly balanced package.

CoRPUS station data can be accessed in real time from a PC, tablet or smartphone on the Columbus web platform from CoRHIZE, which has benefited from a new Mobile App.


Two NEWS for 2019 !!


The CoRPUS range is enriched by the ET0 version, associating the 4 basic parameters of the calculation of Evaporation (Temperature, Relative Humidity, Wind Speed, Radiation) and Rainfall. A very afordable solution to access to ETà generally provided by more expensive stations operating in GPRS / 3G.

For people looking for a very complete and very compact station, CoRPUS now supports Meter ATMOS 41 Weather package which reads up to 12 climatic parameters!



LPWAN networks like SigFox owe their growing popularity to the development of the Internet of Objects (IoT). However, their limit is their coverage, which is different from conventional GPRS / 3G coverage. Urban areas and valley areas are better covered than rural areas, which is more in the presence of reliefs and / or woods. Based on the GPS positions provided in advance by the users, we are able to carry out a theoretical verification a priori without traveling, but nothing will replace a verification on site.