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Nutrisens probe for monitoring nitrates (NO3) and potassium (K) in the soil

Nutrisens is a probe that specifically measures changes in concentrations of Nitrate (NO3) and Potassium (K) in the soil. Its development and its patent required 6 years of development of the Spanish company Verde Smart with the University of Barcelona (UAB Barcelona).

At the end of the spatula, the NO3 and K sensors are covered with a protective filter gelatin. The
sensors have a shelf life of two years, beyond which the spatula must be replaced. The cable and
electronics part have a life of 7 to 10 years. A kit is therefore composed of 3 parts:

  • the probe comprising the 2 sensors and its cable
  • the electronic interface and its cable
  • the cable to connect to telemetry

CoRHIZE-Nutrisens probe presentation

The Nutrisens probe highlights:

• consumptions of Nitrates (NO3) and Potassium (K) in contrast with the concentrations in the soil and the contributions
• leaching losses
• in fertigation, if the concentrations in the irrigations water are adapted to the needs of the crop and to the soil
• the effects of climatic conditions and humidity on consumption

Effects of stress on NO3 and K consumption

  All stresses contribute to plant stomatal closure, which results in:

  • a decrease in NO3 consumption
  • an increase in K consumption

Indeed, by an increased concentration of K in the stomata the plant seeks to resist their closure caused by stress and seeks to maintain a photosynthetic activity at its optimum. The origin of stress can be multiple (cold, lack or excess of water, high salinity, high temperature and low hygrometry (hot and dry air)

CoRHIZE-Nutrisens curves

CoRHIZE-Nutrisens-temperature Nitrate and Potassium concentration

The daily evolution of the concentrations of NO3 and K is a reliable indicator of the state of functioning of the plant. The dynamics of mineral absorption is different from that of water absorption. Its precise follow-up makes it possible to increase yields , better fruit size or grain filling, as well as better quality.

By helping to adjust the fertilizing doses, the Nutrisens probe thus allows both a better productivity and a limitation of the losses of nitrates and of potassium in the soil, sources of economic losses and pollution.

CoRHIZE represents Verde Smart in France. We combine the Nutrisens probe with Ranch Systems' GRPS / 3G RS130 and RS300 telemetries. All measurements are available in real time on our Columbus web platform.