EnviroPro capacitive probes

Australian Entelechy's EnviroPro profile capacitive probes measure moisture, temperature and conductivity (salinity) of the soil every 10 cm depth. They are particularly intended:

  • controlling irrigation in environments with significant salinity
  • controlling the ferti-irrigation of salinity-sensitive crops
  • monitoring the migration of ions from one soil layer to another after irrigation / fertilization / severe weather

CoRHIZE-sondes capacitives EnviroPro humidité température salinité

First probes to have introduced a measurement of moisture with a compensation of the influence of the salinity (in addition to that of the temperature), the EnviroPro probes are recognized for 20 years for the very great reliability of their measurements, of their accuracy and repeatability.
They are calibrated at the factory and require no correction during their life.

They are available in 40 cm, 80 cm, 120 cm and 160 cm depth and have a diameter of 34.5 mm.
Extremely robust design, they have a 5 year warranty.

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Measure salinity?

Salinity inhibits the absorption of water by the plant. The salinity level can provide information on induced deficiencies of certain nutrients such as Iron and Manganese. The progressive drying of the soil by the plant and the climate increases the conductivity of the soil, because of the concentration of the salts, in particular the Sodium (Na), which can nevertheless mask a imbalance of the nutritive elements.

Monitoring the evolution of soil conductivity at active root level should be done at times when the moisture is the same.

We combine EnviroPro probes with Ranch Systems' GRPS / 3G RS130 and RS300 telemetries. All measurements are available in real time on our Columbus web platform.

Recall of the characteristics:

  • measurement of moisture, temperature and EC (actionable option)
  • very robust (5 year warranty)
  • stable over time
  • a sensor every 10 cm deep (eg 4 sensors for a 40 cm probe, 8 sensors for a 80 cm probe)
  • does not require any maintenance

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