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AquaCheck capacitance probes, the worlwide technical refrence ! 

AquaCheck capacitance probes measure soil moisture and temperature simultaneously every 10cm depth. They give the real picture of moisture on all the effective root profile. They reflect the exact consumption of plants and climate in the specific context of the plot and the mm to bring to meet the fair.

Illustration of the soil volume measured by each sensor of the AquaCheck probe (eg of a 6-sensor 60 cm depth probe)

A capacitance sensor sends an electric current into a surrounding volume of soil to measure its moisture content (a measure of the dielectric permitivity of the soil). Unlike other types of sensors that measure moisture only through their surface contact with the ground, capacitive sensors measure moisture in a soil volume, which is much more significant.

Finally, if a single capacitive sensor measures a single volume, a capacitive profile probe measures a volume of soil over its entire depth.

AquaCheck probes have a specific design that differentiates them greatly from other probes in their ease of implementation and in their longevity.

  • Solid-state probes, robust and perfectly sealed (in the factory, the sensors are embedded in a resin which insulates them completely and hardens the body of the probe, the head and the base of the probe are also saddled at the factory, the probe does not will never be more open). AquaCheck has designed from the outset its probes on this remarkable process which has largely contributed to the success and development of the brand throughout the world.
  • wide choice of depths with 2, 4, 6 .... up to 15 sensors: 20 cm depth, 40 cm, 60 cm, 80 cm, 100 cm, 120 cm, 140 cm, 150 cm (the most common, suitable is the 60 cm probe with 6 sensors )
  • measure % soil moisture by volume every 10 cm depth, double expression in % and mm in Columbus platform
  • individualized measurement of soil temperature every 10 cm
  • continuous measurements with fixed probes (adjustable frequencies from 10 minutes to 2 hours)
  • easy and quick to install with an auger of the same diameter as the probe (32mm). Chase the air and ensure perfect contact between the probe and the ground (see videos at the bottom of the page). Does not require any device in the field for the settings (computer, smartphone, ...)
  • easy and quick to remove (see videos at the bottom of the page)
  • no maintenance (totally inert material)
  • all the know-how of AquaCheck, specialist and world leader of capacitive probes with robust-body profile

Two systems for data communication: with and without telemetry

'sub-surface' model for telemetry, with a very discreet flat head, which can be depressed either just on the surface of the ground or under the surface if necessary. Its cable is connected to a telemetry box that sends the data on the web platform to be consulted. This is the most widely used model today given the practicality brought by telemetry.

CoRHIZE-sub-subsurface AquaCheck probe kit

wireless' model for field data records, with a more pronounced head, contains a logger, transmitter and battery. The probe has the same frequency of measurements as the traditional sub-surface and saves them in its memory. Using the portable radio reader (logger), the user will be able to interrogate each probe by name to a distance of about ten meters and download the data recorded since the last operation. The same logger can record up to 120 probes. Once the data records is done, the user empties his data on his PC that automatically pushes them over the internet on the web platform to be processed and viewed just like the data of sub-surface probes. AquaCheck Wireless probes provide access to all the advantages of capacitive profile technology in a very economical way. Better yet, it is possible in a second time to change the head to connect to a telemetry station.

CoRHIZE-AquaCheck Wireless probe kit

A detailed view of the evolution of soil moisture every 10 cm deep

CoRHIZE-AquaCheck probe curves on Columbus

CoRHIZE-Example of curves with AquaCheck probes

CoRHIZE-soil temperature effect on water consomption AquaCheck probes

CoRHIZE associates several telemetry models according to needs and contexts

   # the AquaLink RTU from AquaCheck (3G network)

  • compact, discreet, very robust, waterproof (IP67)
  • lightweight, very easy to move
  • includes a Lithium battery recharging with a small solar panel
  • GPS location automatic
  • can receive a rain gauge

                                 CoRHIZE_Aqualink avec pluviomètre dans Kiwi  

# the CoRPUS RTU from CoRHIZE (low power Sigfox network)

  • very compact, discreet, robust and waterproof (class IP67)
  • two long-lasting Li-ion batteries, LOADABLE via micro USB port with smartphone type charger
  • start and immediate offline
  • SigFox integration certified Class 0
  • very high RF sensitivity (up to -165 dBm) far superior to market standards allowing communication in low coverage areas
  • GPS location automatic
  • very versatile because can receive a rain gauge and different types of sensors (see page agro-weather station CoRPUS)

CoRHIZE_CoRPUS Aquacheck

IMPORTANT: Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWANs) such as SigFox or LoRa owe their growing popularity to the development of the Internet of Things (IoT). However, they limit their coverage, which is different from that of telephone networks. Based on the GPS positions provided in advance by the users, we are able to do a theoretical verification a priori without moving, but nothing will replace an on-site verification.

# the Ranch Systems RS130 RTU (GPRS / 3G network)

  • cylindrical solar panel capturing the maximum brightness throughout the day
  • very solid design, waterproof (IP67)
  • GPS location automatic
  • can receive a rain gauge and other sensors (see the Ranch Systems Stations page)

CoRHIZE_RS130 avec AquaCheck et Pluvio

The consultation on the new Columbus interface of CoRHIZE

Our web platform meets the expectations of all customers who want accurate, fast and clear tracking. It is the result of years of experience in contact with customers of all profiles and varied requirements.

  • access from any connected terminal (PC, tablet, smartphone)
  • flexibility and simplicity
  • 3 degrees of information: the color status for a quick view; the water reserve level in % for quantified information, detailed curves to understand the dynamics
  • easy interpretations for quick decisions
  • display of individual sensor curves every 10 cm depth and the weighted average on the active root profile
  • a clear vision of the evolution of soil moisture status in relation to the Optimal Reservoir
  • double display in% and mm
  • continuous adjustment of the parameters according to the development of the crop and the state of the soil
  • temperature display every 10 cm depth and all other associated additional sensors (rain gauge, free temperature, ...)
  • 6 day weather forecast at the plot
  • personal and collaborative notes area
  • immediate printing of formatted reports
  • exports .xls
  • API for interoperability
  • secure individual access, mutualizable information (between farmers, technicians, community of users, ...)
  • a single interface for all agro-weather sensors on the farm

   Find more information on the Columbus page

CoRHIZE_vue Columbus depuis smartphone

A CoRHIZE accompaniment adapted to your needs

If our mission is above all to provide you with equipment and assistance that allows you to obtain reliable information at all times, we will also support you with :

  • training on the positioning of the equipment in the plot and on its installation / removal
  • training in using the web platform and interpreting data for fast and accurate decisions (when to irrigate and how much)
  • several solutions : specific and long-term
  • an optional service to help the optimized positioning of the probes in the most relevant areas of the plots thanks to our Soil Conductivity Mapping service

CoRHIZE is the only structure approved in France by AquaCheck (Pty) to distribute and offer a 3-year warranty on its probes, train users for their use and interface dedicated to irrigation management with calibrations and the specificities of its probes.

Three video of AquaCheck probe installation

Two video of AquaCheck probe removal