"PCT" GIS - Geographic Information System

• CoRHIZE uses and represents the TerraLogga / AgGateway /AgCloud software solution from Precision Cropping Technologies Pty Ltd, a specialist in Geographical Information Systems for precision agriculture, drainage and plot leveling.

• The solution benefits from PCT's long experience with customers around the world, in a variety of agricultural contexts and in touch with the most advanced technologies.
• The PCT Gateway is a smart and flexible solution, with a part locally (on your computer) and a party hosted on the cloud (internet); both synchronizing on demand. It allows in particular:

  • data transfer and storage with secure access sharing between users and technical advisers
  • cartographic display of raw data, point-to-point and global statistical analysis, multi-layer and multisource processing (yield maps, soil maps, ..), mapping reconstructions
  • multiple agronomic applications such as intra-plot zoning for representative soil sampling or sampling, relevant placement of irrigation probes, development of recommendation maps for modulated fertilizer or density applications of seedlings exploitable directly on the on-board monitors
  • assistance to precision irrigation with the development of variable irrigation rate programs for pivots, ramps and reels, and the dimensioning of irrigation networks
  • the realization of optimized leveling and drainage level maps from topographic topographic acquisitions

What benefits of the PCT solution?

For the user, the PCT solution has two advantageous features:

  • there is no definitive or annual license to buy either for the game locally or for the party hosted. The cost of the service is a cost / hectare per raw file loaded into the system. Then, the user can work without limit his data with the functionalities which are open to him and re-cross them with the other cards which he already loaded. In short, it is possible to benefit from all the potentialities of a more advanced tool for a modest contribution per hectare. This is a very interesting formula for use and especially to start in applications for Precision Agriculture by minimizing the computer cost item.
  • access to specific modules according to the needs of the user

Moreover, the solution is collaborative and customizable. A technical consulting organization can share all its work with PCT clients with secure access, with its own graphic charter.