Experts solutions for Piloting and Modulation. To maximize Agronomic Potential and Profitability.


At CoRHIZE, we believe that the economic performance of agriculture starts with technical performance. That's why, since its creation in 2007, this independent company has become a recognized specialist and leader in the very specific niche of piloting and modulation solutions.

Its three distinct offers, Columbus, Monitam, and Orasaare based on a common combination of know-how combining reference technologies and agronomy, to maximize the potential and profitability of each square meter of your fields.

Choosing a CoRHIZE solution is not due to chance for our customers. Very often, they tested and compared in real situations the various proposal of the market, and finally chose that of CoRHIZE. Because if everything looks like similar, everything is not egal.

Whether is a farmer or a large international group, everyone finds the difference between a good solution and THE good solution adapted to his needs. combine our long-standing experience in a wide variety of contexts, and build a constructive technical exchange that drives our continuous innovation.

CoRHIZE, from the Greek rhiza; root